Mission Statement 

Bioethx Under 25 serves as a forum for young, or otherwise less established, voices to contribute on issues concerning medical or environmental ethics and society. It is intended to foster bioethics discussions that are accessible and open to an exchange of knowledge and values. Given the necessity of technology and instantaneous communication available, there needs to be an informal, yet structured avenue for people to grapple with ethical problems that affect health and well-being. This project aims to increase the awareness of bioethics issues outside of specialty fields focused on ethical analysis.  


Post submissions are open to all and not limited to those under the age of 25. Posts should be 500-1000 words in length and on an ethical issue of the author's choosing. Pieces may be informed from fields such as psychology, philosophy, political science, biological sciences, and the hard sciences. To preserve the nature of the blog, all pieces should be tailored to a general audience, not an academic one. Please email bioethicsunder25@gmail.com to submit a post for editing or to propose a topic. 

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  1. If someone is inspired to write it, I would love to see a post weighing in on HeLa cells and the story behind them as told in _The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lax_!