Thursday, December 18, 2014

Congratulations Finalists

Thank you to every person who submitted to the Daniel Callahan Young Writers Prize! There were nearly thirty excellent submissions and the five finalists have been chosen. 

Their essays will be read by the following panel of judges:

Daniel Callahan, PhD-- As President Emeritus and co-founder of The Hastings Center, Callahan helped shape the bioethics field. He has written over 47 books and has had hundreds of peer-reviewed publications and op-eds. 

Michael K. Gusmano, PhD-- Gusmano is a a political scientist who holds adjunct appointments at Columbia University and Yale University and is a Research Scholar at The Hastings Center. He has published widely in the areas of health policy, aging, and comparative welfare state analysis.

Laura Haupt, M.A.-- Haupt is the Managing Editor for two peer-reviewed bioethics journals, the Hastings Center Report and IRB: Ethics and Human Research. Her background is in English literature and she has helped edit a number of special reports for the Hastings Center Report, including LGBT Bioethic: Visibility, Disparities, and Dialogue. 


Daniel Callahan Young Writer's Prize Finalists

Avigile Baehr, MD/MBE Candidate, University of Pennsylvania
"DNR Ebola: Is There a Professional Obligation to Provide Treatment?"

Michelle Bayefsky, Pre-Doctoral Fellow, NIH Department of Bioethics
"Uterine Transplant: Where, If Anywhere, Should We Draw the Line?"

Rachel Conrad, MD Candidate, Baylor College of Medicine
"The Ethical Crisis in Medical Training"

Michael DiStefano, Research Assistant, University of Pennsylvania
"Religious Values and Refusal of Highly Effective Life-Saving Treatment by Minors"

Tim Rubbelke, PhD Candidate, St. Louis University Center for Healthcare Ethics
"The Paradox of Government Vaccine Mandates" 


We anticipate an announcement of the winner in mid-January. Thank you again to all the participants, we look forward to posting some of the other compelling submissions to this blog in the coming months. There were far more fantastic entries than could be chosen. 

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