Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Welcome to BioEthx Under 25!
By: Mohini Banerjee

This blog will serve as a forum for young (and young at heart) voices to contribute on issues concerning medical or environmental ethics and society. As a research assistant at The Hastings Center, my own interests span topics such as dementia, inequalities in access to healthcare, internet privacy and information flow, and resource distribution during disasters. It is my hope to bring younger people into discussions of bioethics that are accessible and open to an exchange of knowledge and values. Those of us who are under 25 will be decision-makers for our parents and have children or our own, making it necessary to ponder decisions at the end-of-life and genetic screening. Given the necessity of technology and instantaneous communication provided to this generation I believe there needs to be an informal, yet structured forum for people to grapple with these and other relevant bioethics issues.

Please email me at mobanerj@gmail.com if you have a post idea and would like to contribute.

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